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Founder, CEO



Founder, CEO

Scott Silva comes from a diverse professional background that spans real estate development, consulting, construction operations, sales, IT entrepreneurship, and international marketing and management. Scott earned a Bachelor of English degree from Sonoma State University and a Master’s degree in International Business Administration from the University of California, San Diego.

Scott grew up on a ranch in California at the foot of the Sierras and comes from a family of real estate developers and professionals. Scott also co-founded a real estate consulting company with management over a $320M asset portfolio, and successfully spun off a financial technology software company now based in London, England. His career also includes a post as International Marketing Director for the world’s largest multi-national automotive products company, Regional Sales Manager for the nation’s largest privately held home builder, Division Construction Manager for a Fortune 100 public home builder, and private real estate sales and auctions.


Scott and his wife, Christi, have four children. They enjoy outdoor activities of all sorts, love to travel, and are active members in their church and community.

A.E. Buz Carrade

Strategic Advisor

For more than 30 years Buz Carrade's companies, Valley Ventures LLC, REDEV Inc. and related entities, have set a high standard of excellence in the development of extensive and complex real estate projects throughout the great Central Valley of California.


The companies Buz has created always relied on a simple formula: performing development as promised to customers and government regulators alike, delivering projects with great attention to detail and completion standards, and delivering projects on time and budget. 


Buz and his wife, Sue, live in Reno, Nevada, as well as part of the year at their home in Yountville, California. 

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